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3KM Energy System

Customer Story

3KM Energy grows C&I portfolio built on visibility and transparency


The Challenges

Rising diesel prices and an unreliable energy grid is crippling Nigerian businesses.

However, the large upfront cost of solar and storage installation are out of reach for most. Que the birth of independent power producers, who own and operate energy assets for the generation of electricity on behalf of their clients.

However, IPPs need to retain visibility of their investment, while the client needs to make sure they get value for money.


Our Solution

  • Established in 2022, 3KM Energy Systems Limited are offering a solution to this challenge through decentralized energy. Working as an IPP, 3KM Energy is installing solar and storage solutions to provide reliable energy to its clients.
  • Circadian provides end-to-end IoT hardware and Cloud platform that enable seamless remote monitoring and management of renewable/hybrid systems.
  • By connecting Circadian Cortex to all the energy assets on site, 3KM Energy is able to reduce operational & management costs, drive efficiency and react to insights with NOC management of its energy assets portfolios.
  • All the while, the Circadian One cloud platform is the single source of truth for 3KM Energy and its end-users to monitor the energy production and consumption and diesel levels.

Our clients want to see proof that our power as a service model is saving them money. With Circadian, we have complete visibility & transparency on power generation and consumption to show cost savings across the energy mix and best of all, our clients can have access to the Circadian One Dashboard and see the evidence for themselves.

Daniel Maduagwu - Founder/CEO (3KM Energy Systems Limited)

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