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Lagos, Nigeria – Royal Power & Energy (RPE), a leading energy solutions provider, is set to implement Circadian Technologies’ reporting solution across 50 bank branches. This decision follows a successful pilot run that significantly improved customer acquisition and satisfaction.

RPE will utilize Circadian Technologies’ solution to design a proof-of-concept site showcasing effective power production and consumption management. This initiative will provide enterprise managers with detailed, objective data highlighting the return on investment (ROI) for transitioning from diesel to renewable energy.

As diesel prices reach unprecedented levels, businesses managing extensive site portfolios, such as bank branches, telecom towers, and petrol stations, can significantly benefit from transitioning to renewable energy systems. 

By integrating local grid and diesel price data into Circadian’s platform, RPE can precisely demonstrate the cost savings from installing photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems. This detailed analysis objectively showcases the payback period for renewable energy investments, making a compelling case for businesses to adopt sustainable energy solutions, resulting in substantial savings and a positive impact on business operations.

Circadian’s solution is designed for easy on-site deployment, connecting seamlessly with all energy assets to monitor and report consumption. Data collected from these devices is aggregated locally and then pushed to the cloud for comprehensive analysis.