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Circadian One Cloud Platform

Enabling Business Intelligence with Circadian Cloud

Go beyond graphs with Circadian Cloud. Rank sites by energy efficiency per square meter and payback periods, identify diesel theft, and differentiate your EPC business with automated client report generation. Transform O&M with real-time alerts pushed to What’s App, Slack, and or your customer service ticketing system.

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What can Cortex do for you?

Transform Operations & Maintenance

With Cortex, real time alerts and customisable warnings are taken directly from equipment’s communication ports and with Circadian Cloud can generate automated customer support tickets within seconds and push notifications (via SMS, What’s App, Slack, etc.) to your field technicians.

In Nigeria, we’ve transformed O&M for a leading cross country provider with our Syncroteam API integration, creating tickets for Ops managers and sending WhatsApp messages directly to local field techs.

Manage Assets Smarter

Cortex is equipped with extensive I/O and existing software integrations to allow you to plug directly into the communication port of your PV & Hybrid Inverters, Lithium storage, and gensets as well as external meters, ultrasonic fuel tank sensors and fuel flow meters, tracking power and fuel but also system faults.

Circadian Cloud empowers EPCs with live NOC functionality and active energy management as well as intelligence on site efficiency, battery health, and diesel theft, driving a competitive advantage. All equipment serial numbers and models are captured, making it ideal for retrofit asset management.

Capture Load Profiles Remotely

Cortex and non-intrusive CT or Rogowski Coil Circadian Meters can be quickly installed on the distribution boards of a prospective client site and capture information at 1s resolution across each phase of Voltage, Current, Reactive and Active Power, Frequency and more which is uploaded to Circadian Cloud over GSM with the Cortex left on-site. In-rush current spikes are captured as our power outages

Cortex provides an online load profile of day and night usage for your design team without needing to retrieve the system, lowering customer acquisition costs and increasing customer conversion.

Drive Customer Loyalty

Customised dashboards and monthly reporting can be shared with your clients, highlighting metrics that matter most to them such as CO2 displacement, energy efficiency per square meter, and power usage outside business hours. Actionable business intelligence as a differentiator for your EPC or installer business.

Unlock Energy as a Service

For ESCOs, Cortex enables accurate load profiles, provides insights into your installation efficiency and transforms O&M with automated ticketing and multi-channel messaging to your field techs. Business Intelligence for your management and financial partners.

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