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Royal Power and Energy

Customer Story

RPE expands the roll out renewable energy solutions from 10 to 50 bank branches in Nigeria.

Sites Deployed


PV Deployed

10 MWp

Storage Deployed

371 MWh


The Challenges

Adding data to build trust and accelerate the sales cycle.

Based in Lagos, Royal Power & Energy (RPE) is a leading provider of sustainable and renewable energy solutions, with a focus on economically, environmentally and socially viable solutions for their clients. RPEs target the commercial and industrial sector, where clients are keen to get away from ever increasing diesel prices. This becomes especially true for retail businesses with large portfolios who run 100s of sites, such as bank branches, telco towers, petrol stations...etc. However, solar and storage installations come with a high upfront cost and clients need to be convinced of the value add before agreeing to the outlay.

Our clients want to be confident that their investment brings them the right ROI. With Circadian, we can set up a proof of concept site and clearly demonstrate the power production and consumption. The Circadian One platform models pay back period on the renewable energy investment made by our clients, encouraging them to expand their rollouts.


Our Solution

  • Circadian Cortex IoT is deployed on site and connects to all energy assets.
  • Inbuilt LTE modem ensures connectivity where Wi-Fi is unreliable or non-existent.
  • The data from the devices is aggregated locally and pushed to the cloud.
  • The data is then processed and displayed in the most effective way.
  • RPE ensures the upload of local grid and diesel prices to clearly show the savings from installing PV and battery systems.

Circadian gives us the necessary data in a format that allows us to build trust and facilitate buying decisions.


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