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Cortex Cloud

Informed decisions, smart data

The smart data displayed on the platform, Cortex Cloud offers a comprehensive single source of truth and has been designed to meet a wide range of operational and energy management requirements. Here we have highlighted some of the most popular ones.

Reduce fuel consumption per hour (CPH) by optimizing genset output. The Cortex Cloud maintains generator output at the optimum 75%, by automatically adjusting the battery charging rate of the rectifier in response to shifting tenant loads. 

Protect against downtime from equipment malfunctions and streamline your operation and management procedures.

The Cortex Cloud forecasts when equipment, such as gensets, requires servicing based on usage & performance analysis, enabling smart scheduling of site visits.

Simplify your revenue management with data captured from on-site IEC-certified meters, ensuring accurate tenant billing.

Our platform automatically forwards tailored invoices and reporting dashboards to your clients, giving you peace of mind that everything is taken care of.

Our platform analyzes IEC standard data from on-site meters and sensors to model and verify your Scope 1 emissions and report Scope 2 emissions for your hosted telco customer.

It also generates auditable reports for carbon credit marketplace participation.  

Remotely manage and distribute inventory of hundreds of thousands of critical energy assets, including rectifiers & battery modules. Serial numbers and firmware specs are captured on our platform. The Cortex Cloud then processes auditing and instant alerts for any equipment swap-outs.

Choose your plan

We provide tiered pricing options for Cortex Cloud, allowing users to choose from monitoring, controlling, or forecasting capabilities. The Cortex Controller & wireless sensors can be purchased separately or on zero-capex managed service basis with your Cortex Cloud plan.


$10 month/site

Remote monitoring of assets

Real-time alarms

Tenant billing

Multi-channel notifications

API integrations

ESG and KPI reporting


$15 month/site

Remote control of assets

Automated genset usage optimization to reduce fuel consumption

VPN access to rectifier and control panels

Custom reports and dashboards


$20 month/site

Predictive analytics of equipment servicing and refueling

Power system design with historic load analysis

Site access management with AI-based surveillance

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