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Who Are We?

We are Circadian Technologies- and we are driving sustainable business growth in emerging markets.

We are on a mission to accelerate the energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables for the commercial and industrial sector: Our digital toolkit empowers solar developers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to excel in the design, sales, financing, operation, and maintenance of solar and storage systems.

Our diverse international team is at the forefront empowering innovative hybrid renewable energy solutions.


Our Challenges

Businesses across Africa, faced with unreliable electrical grids, rely on diesel generators for power generation. Despite abundant sunshine, solar energy and storage solutions remain niche. Diesel is a plug and play product while solar and storage microgrids are complex and challenging endaviours. Our hardware and Circadian One Cloud Platform simplify the implementation of renewable energy systems in rural Africa significantly.

Our team is dedicated to tackling complex issues to drive the widespread transition from diesel to renewables. This not only fosters business growth but also leads to increased job opportunities and political stability.

We embrace cutting-edge technology, creating an advanced data platform to support our climate mission.


We As A Team

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Curiosity is the driving force behind innovation and growth. We encourage and celebrate the human desire to explore, learn, and experiment.

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Problem Solvers

We foster a culture of pro-activity and resilience. Our team is encouraged to question the status quo, identify challenges, learn from failures and explore creative solutions.

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By empowering our customers, we seek to be a catalyst for mass adoption of decentralized energy. Our products are built to serve our customers best while allowing them to scale.

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We are aware of our talents and skills but also our limitations as human beings. Hence, we thrive to continue to learn, adopt and to question the status quo by implementing new practices.


Our Culture

We embrace and celebrate the richness of different cultures, perspectives, and talents. Our passionate community is a tapestry of those who share love for renewables and aim to stop the use of fossils, while fostering an environment where collaboration flourishes and innovation thrives.

We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and we believe the foundation of our dynamic and pioneering spirit starts with a fair and inclusive culture.

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Hybrid work
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Diverse international team
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Bike Leasing
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Traning trips to Africa
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Professional development
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Flexible working time
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All the tools required
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Competitive salary + bonuses
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Extended parental leave payments
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