Circadian Cortex EMS

Reliable hardware. Running for years.

Circadian’s proprietary IoT hardware connects directly to all your energy assets (PV Inverters, ESS, Genset Controllers, Meters, etc.), aggregates the data locally and pushes the data directly to the Circadian One Cloud.

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Circadian One Cloud Platform

Reduce OPEX. Grow Revenue.

The Circadian One Cloud Platform offers complete visibility of your whole energy portfolio. The Dashboard provides transparency on energy generation and consumption, diesel and cost savings, and payback periods per site. It also provides the ability to rank sites by energy efficiency per square meter, monitor diesel level and quality and trigger real-time alerts pushed to your platform of choice.

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With Circadian, for the first time we are able to tie everything together: rectifiers, tenant loads, batteries, generators. The Cortex hardware lets us commission hybrid power on new towers much faster and more reliably, and with the Circadian cloud platform we can seamlessly manage our growing portfolio in one centralized place.

Technical Director, leading African TESCO

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Empowering Solar Developers

Circadian Technologies’ Berlin-based management team has three decades of experience in hardware and software product development. Our solution was born of the challenges faced deploying hundreds of Solar & Storage installs from 1 kWh homes to 1 MWh C&I across West, East, and Southern Africa over the past 10 years. By empowering installers, we seek to be the catalyst for the mass adoption of decentralized energy.

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